Epic Interview Planning Workbook

How will interviews be done in your small business? This workbook answers that question in a very detailed way. The 20 pages in this workbook will walk you through step by step of how to create a interview process for your small business. In this workbook we will:

  • Think through where you can host professional interviews, even if you don't have an office just yet.
  • Figure out what type of interview scheduling and interview format you will use and for which positions in your business.
  • Build your interview team for the current state of your business and plan how your team will look in the future.
  • Plan your interview schedule for when you're actively hiring and when you're building a strong candidate pool with printable worksheets that can be incorporated into your recruiting process

The Epic Interview Planning Workbook is ideal for small business owners who are new to hiring or who have not yet developed a formal process for interviews. After completing the workbook, you'll walk away with a fully thought out interview procedure for your small business.

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