How to Perform Effective Employment Reference Checks

Do you feel like there is a beacon just calling all the lemon employees to your business? If you've ever thought there must be a way to know what kind of employee an applicant will be before you hire them, you're absolutely right. There is a way. The secret weapon is employment reference checks. In this 35 minute workshop, I will teach you how to perform effective reference checks and how to incorporate this secret weapon into your recruitment process so you can put an end to your hiring nightmares. It doesn't matter if you've done employment reference checks in the past or have no idea what they are, this workshop is for you. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The Purpose of Employment Reference Checks: There are many reasons why employment checks are good tool to include in your small business recruitment process. We will break down what you can achieve through consistently performing employment reference checks.
  • The Types of Reference Checks Available for Your Arsenal: We'll talk about the different kinds of reference of checks you may want to perform. You also discover when each type may be more appropriate for your hiring goals and candidate background.
  • Steps to Take Before Doing The Employment Reference Check: I'll walk you through every step you need to take to prepare for conducting employment reference checks. We'll talk about when to perform the reference check in your recruitment process and things you need to have in place before making the call.
  • How to Conduct the Employment Reference Check: You will learn a three step process to conducting effective reference checks. Plus I will share with you tips and things to expect when making your call so you can be prepared.


You'll also receive 4 awesome + time saving bonuses. When you purchase this workshop you'll also receive:

  • An Employment Reference Check Authorization Form
  • An Employment Reference Check Form
  • A Character Reference Check Form

PLUS video training on how to use each form. These bonus forms download in MS Office format.

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