Internship16 Templates

This resources bundle is the perfect complement to the Internship16 Workbook. In the Internship16 Templates Bundle you will receive eight ready to use templates that will make starting and running your internship program fast and easy. All templates download in MS Word so you can customize to fit your unique needs. In the bundle you will receive:

  • #1 Intern Interview Guide: Select the best interns by asking the best interview questions. This interview guide helps you to access the candidates availability, interest in your company and more. You can also easily add specific questions that you find important.
  • #2 Intern Applicant Communication Templates: Not sure what to say to applicants or when you should communicate with applicants? These templates take the guess work out of the communication process. There is a template appropriate for every stage of the recruitment process. Just copy and paste.
  • #3 Intern Application: This application template is specifically designed for interns. It asks appropriate questions to fit their career level and allows you to gather important information about the candidates skills, abilities and interest.
  • #4 Intern Assignment Instructions: Layout exactly what you want the intern to do and your expectations in a simple to understand format. Just fill in the blanks based on your assignment and your intern will have clear instructions to get started on their project.
  • #5 Confidentiality Agreement: Your interns will be exposed to lots of non-public information about your company. This confidentiality agreement is a great tool to protect your company's private information.
  • #6 Intern Exit Interview: Gain insights into how your internship program can improve year after year. Using an exit interview will provide you with the information you need to have the best program and intern experience.
  • #7 Intern Offer Letter: Clearly lay out the details of the internship and employment offer. Just fill in the blanks, print and you're done.
  • #8 Intern Performance Review: Provide valuable feedback to your interns on how they are performing. This performance review makes it simple and easy. The rating categories and be changed to fit your business.

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