Internship16 The Workbook

Have you ever wanted to have an internship program, but thought that only Fortune 500 Companies hired interns? Or you could really use some help with that never ending list of projects, but just can't afford to pay a full staff of skilled professionals? Well my friend, you can have an internship program and you can hire specialized help. You can do this even if you have no employees and a very small budget.

In this 53 page workbook, you will find all the expert advice, worksheets and tools you need to go from zero to internship program in practical easy to follow steps. Even if you've never had an intern and have no idea where to start, I guide you through the entire process.

In This Workbook We Will:

  • Learn all the fantastic ways that a summer internship can benefit your small business
  • Discover exactly what interns are looking for in a summer internship opportunity and how to use that knowledge to attract the rock star interns.
  • Decide on paid vs. unpaid internships and how to be competitive with either option you choose.
  • Create a rock solid plan of what the intern will do, the tasks they will work on and the projects they will complete during the internship.
  • Learn how and where to find interns, and how to market your internship program so that it gets attention.
  • Plan your recruiting, selection and evaluation process so that you can ensure you are selecting the right intern for your program

In this workbook I will share with you the lessons learned managing internship programs in several big businesses. I'll show you step by step how I scaled this experience to make a powerful impact in my family's small business. You can do the same thing. Grab your copy of this workbook and let's get too it!

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