Guerrilla Recruiting Strategies for Finding and Attracting Kick-Ass Talent For Your Small Business

You can attract the attention of top talent and get them interested in working for your company. Even if your business is small. Even if you don't don't have the massive budgets of big companies for traditional recruiting and job advertising. In this 50 minute workshop, you'll learn why and how your small business can use guerrilla marketing principles to gain the attention and interest of the very best talent without a huge budget or breaking the bank. No matter what industry you're in or whether you're looking for a waitress or an engineer, these strategies can work for you and help your business win the war for talent.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • The basics of Guerrilla Marketing so you have a general understanding of this concept and can effectively apply the principles to your recruiting strategy.
  • The fundamentals of Guerrilla Recruiting as a marketing strategy and how the concepts of guerrilla marketing can be easily applied to finding awesome employees.
  • The many benefits of Guerrilla Recruiting and discover why you as a small business owner would want to utilize this strategy.
  • Five easy steps to get started with Guerrilla Recruiting in your business so you can implement this strategy immediately.
  • How to scale Guerrilla Recruiting campaigns used by other companies for your small business so that you can walk away with ideas you can use for your first campaign and launch it quickly.

You will also receive an 8-page workbook that is designed to help you collect and organize notes during the workshop.

Who should take this workshop?

This workshop is ideal for small business owners and human resources professionals who are interested in using creative, inexpensive strategies to find top talent for their organizations.

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